A spouse who is not able to make enough money in order to be self-sufficient can seek spousal maintenance services. In order to take the other spouse to court and have a case, the couple must have been married for a minimum of 10 years.

What is the maximum spousal maintenance?

The state of Texas sets a cap according to the statute on the amount of court spousal maintenance a judge can order. It cannot be exceeding $5000 a month or 20 percent of the average monthly income, whichever is less.

What are the types of spousal maintenance in Texas?

In Texas, there are two kinds of spousal maintenance. The first is “court-ordered spousal maintenance” and the second is “contractual alimony”. A lawyer can help you understand the difference between the two. In addition, your attorney will help you understand how long each type can last. Also, how it is paid or collected, and how it can be enforced or ever modified.

While a case is still in litigation, the judge can order court-ordered spousal maintenance to be paid involuntarily. On the other hand, contractual alimony is an amount agreed upon between the two estranged spouses. However, this amount must still be approved by the court in the final divorce decree.

How an attorney can help

An attorney can help spouses comprehend what the law affords in regards to court-ordered spousal maintenance. The attorneys at Querishi & Salejee PLLC are here to advise spouses on how to compromise an agreement for contractual alimony.

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