Child Protection Services in Texas investigates allegations of victimization of children. The individual who files the report is required by law to remain anonymous. If you’ve been accused of victimization of a child and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) or Child Protective Services (CPS) is looking into your case, you should obtain legal advice right away. Parents frequently feel that if they cooperate with the CPS, their case will be dismissed or that the CPS will soon acknowledge their innocence. This is generally not the case, since CPS is a government investigative agency that routinely infringes on many parents’ fundamental rights to parent and nurture their children without government intrusion.

Cases of the Child Protection Service

If the CPS examines a report and determines that the child is in danger, the child can be removed from the vulnerable position. Physical abuse towards the child or another family member, as well as sexual interaction with a child, can all contribute to an abusive environment for the child. It can also include neglect, such as failing to give adequate food or medical care to the child or failing to supervise the youngster. If members of the child’s home use illicit substances or if weapons are not locked up and kept away from the youngster, the setting is considered toxic for the child.

Why is hiring an attorney for child protective services important?

  • Put the CPS on notice that you’re fighting for your children’s safety, your rights, and your innocence.
  • An explanation of the Child Protective Services (CPS) child-taking process and how parental rights can be revoked.
  • A trial defense for your case; preventing child removal or appealing the return of a removed child;
  • Your rights as a family are protected, and
  • If your children must be removed from your home, fight to have them put with family members rather than strangers or in foster care.

An expert attorney is familiar with the complexities of child custody proceedings. They make certain that no detail is neglected and that their client’s rights are safeguarded, all while keeping the child’s best interests in mind.