What is enforcement?

If your ex-spouse is in violation of specific legal orders regarding your divorce decree you need a lawyer to file an enforcement case. Querishi & Salejee PLLC is a law firm that handles family law enforcement cases. We will review definitive areas of violation within the decree and ask the judge to hold your ex-spouse accountable.
The Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) is the court order you have the following divorce. This SAPCR is a sort of “rule book”, explaining the various elements regarding support and custody of the children. When one ex-spouse no longer wishes to follow the guidelines of a SAPCR, an enforcement case is filed.

What is enforcement in Texas?

Enforcement is a legal proceeding that is initiated when one ex-spouse refuses to abide by the specifics of a divorce decree. The attorneys at Querishi & Salejee PLLC will schedule a consultation to discuss how many times an order has been violated.

Why hiring an attorney is important

Our attorneys are experienced in handling enforcement cases. We understand the law is overwhelming to the average person. This is the number one reason to hire an attorney. Together we will work with you to carve out a successful course that will give you the desired results.

Call Querishi & Salejee PLLC today at 214-843-0302 and schedule a consultation appointment. We will make sure you get what you are legally entitled to. We are dedicated to enforcing court orders and helping our clients live the life they were meant to live.

If you live in the McKinley, Texas area, give us a call today. Start the enforcement process and stop living in fear. A better life awaits.