Most people often believe that estate planning is for the wealthy. However, just about anyone can use the services of an estate planning attorney. An estate typically constitutes your home, car, savings, life insurance, and any other possession. These are possessions that most people have. Naturally, there is a way that you want these things to be distributed. And even if you can find free estate planning documents online, there is no point in risking your family’s future by not working with an estate planning attorney.

Services You Can Get from an Estate Planning Attorney

Some of the areas you could benefit from working with an attorney include?

  • Wills: A will allows you to name your beneficiaries, keep assets from specific people, and name someone to execute the will.
  • Trusts: If you want to avoid probate, you have to establish a living trust. A trust allows you to set money aside for your child’s tuition, make special arrangements for any dependent with special needs and avoid some taxes.

Why You Need an Attorney

Today, society is very DIY. But while something like dyeing your hair or painting your home is a great DIY project, estate planning is not. There are many nuances included in estate planning, and laws keep changing. Things like tax liabilities and tax laws are not static, and it can be hard to keep up if this is not your field. That means making mistakes is easy, which can cost your loved ones greatly. An estate planning attorney is always updated on such matters. They will help you update your will when needed and revise your documents to make sure there are no mistakes.

It is never too early to start thinking about estate planning. If you want to protect your family, reach out to Querishi & Salejee PLLC. You will get legal counsel from a skilled attorney that aims to protect your loved ones. With experience in family law and estate planning, including matters of Muslim law, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to offer our services.