Establishing a nonprofit and maintaining tax-exempt status can be a rewarding experience knowing your organization is helping others. However, keeping the 501c3 status can be challenging, and hiring a Texas attorney can help deal with any legal and regulatory issues nonprofit organizations may face. The business law attorneys at Querishi & Salejee PLLC are experienced and dedicated to helping their nonprofit clients with everything, starting with forming the 501c3. Working with us means your organization is never alone when navigating nonprofit legal matters and any other legalities you may encounter.

501c3 Exemptions

Nonprofits may qualify to receive exemptions for state sales, property, and income taxes. However, if an organization is deemed a nonprofit at the state level, it does not guarantee or grant the same exemptions from federal income tax. To qualify for all exemptions, an organization must apply for and meet all requirements listed in the Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3). An attorney can help determine if an organization qualifies for nonprofit status in Texas and help file all necessary 501c3 paperwork.

How an Attorney Can Help with 501c3 Formation

  • Filing of all required documents
  • Keep track of necessary paperwork
  • Preserving tax-exempt status
  • Offer advice about management issues
  • Prepare, review, and amend corporate bylaws and records
  • Draft and review vendor contracts
  • Review any real estate purchases or leases

An attorney can help with any concerns at any stage of their nonprofit development. Working with an attorney means having someone there every step of the way and someone who helps with income, compensation, liabilities, and more. Having a nonprofit attorney by your side can help ensure your organization runs smoothly regardless of what happens.